Well, after refreshing the website and switching to Shopify, we didn't expect this to be the first blog.

Japan has placed shipping restrictions on international packages, including completely ending their SAL shipments as of April 2nd, 2020. (SAL is an inexpensive way to ship packages, though it can take 2-4 weeks to arrive.)

So, due to new COVID-19 restrictions, we can no longer offer the inexpensive SAL service and are switching to airmail and increasing prices to reflect this.

Information directly from Japan Post:

See if shipping to your country is banned by looking at this PDF:

Here are the estimated shipping times provided by Japan Post, though shipping may also take longer than estimated due to the ongoing situation.

Canada/Mexico: 10-15 Business Days
Denmark/Finland/Sweden: 4-7
Australia/France/Poland: 6-10
Germany/Netherlands: 5-8
Greenland/Iceland: 10-15
Malaysia/Norway: 7-12
Philippines: 8-14
Singapore/South Korea: 4-7
Hong Kong/Taiwan: 5-8
USA/UK: 5-10

We'll update this post when any more info is announced by Japan Post.

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