Upcycled Kimono Wrap Skirt - Blue, Yellow, Red Flowers on Silver Fabric Tokyo Streetwear


Wrap skirt made from a kimono, likely from the 2000s. Silver with red, yellow, and blue flower pattern. One of a kind. One pocket. Goes down to mid-calf. Loops on the inside to hold the skirt up with a belt or by using one of the ties.

Handmade in Kyoto, Japan.

Thick and heavy polyester.

[Fabric Quality]
Staining from use of kimono can be seen in certain spots.

Hand wash in cold water with delicate detergent.

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Products in Japan:

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Quality Rank:
S = Near Mint Condition, No signs of aging, staining, or wear.
A = A very small amount of staining or aging can be seen.
B = Signs of use and a couple small stains or many tiny stains (such as dots from aging).
C = Stains are easy to spot, and may be large in size or contrast with the fabric.
D = A couple holes or large stains may be in the fabric. Significant signs of aging and use may also be seen.
E = Salvage only. Best used for wall decoration, informal events, or upcycling.


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