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Unused Beige Floral Homongi - Shiny Silver Accenting Acer Palmatum Maple Leaves Purple Green Red


These flowers and leaves are beautifully detailed and feature brilliant fading and silver accenting. There are also some faux shibori prints.This is a formal women's kimono known as a houmongi.Width: 1cmLength: 1cmSleeves (top to bottom): cmArmpit to Armpit (back): cmAge:Before 2001Fabric Quality:C & Unused - There is a lot of...

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What is Kimono Dream Shop?

Kimono Dream Shop is owned and operated by Hanami Clothing, and Minnesota, USA company. We source vintage kimonos in Kyoto, Japan and ship them all over the world.
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These flowers and leaves are beautifully detailed and feature brilliant fading and silver accenting. There are also some faux shibori prints.
This is a formal women's kimono known as a houmongi.

Width: 1cm
Length: 1cm
Sleeves (top to bottom): cm
Armpit to Armpit (back): cm

Before 2001

Fabric Quality:
C & Unused - There is a lot of age staining on this kimono. It isn't very noticeable from afar, but it does continue for significant stretches. For example, there are some 1/4"x15" age stain stretches along the edges of the sleeves. It is unused, as signified by the white threading around the sleeves and bottom. (Outside)
See images for quality of the inner fabric.

Cleaning: Dry Clean Only!

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Quality Rank:
S = Near Mint Condition, No signs of aging, staining, or wear.
A = A very small amount of staining or aging can be seen.
B = Signs of use and a couple small stains or many tiny stains (such as dots from aging).
C = Stains are easy to spot, and may be large in size or contrast with the fabric.
D = A couple holes or large stains may be in the fabric. Significant signs of aging and use may also be seen.
E = Salvage only. Best used for wall decoration, informal events, or upcycling.