Smooth Light Green Silk Homongi - Kimono Floral Circular Sakura Chinese Bellflowers Blossoms Fading


This silky smooth houmongi has hand-painted circular ("maru") patterns of flowers and leaves. There are cherry blossoms (sakura), chrysanthemums (kiku), Chinese bellflowers (kikyo), and various leaves.

Some of the flowers have fading in each petal, but most either keep one single shade or change shades per leaf, which is pretty interesting to see.

Width: 134cm
Length: 171cm
Sleeves (top to bottom): 52cm
Armpit to Armpit (back): 61cm


Fabric Quality:
A - Very few signs of age and use may be seen. Age stains may be seen in and around some of the flowers, but this isn't very noticeable. (Outside)
See images for quality of the inner fabric.

Cleaning: Dry Clean Only!

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YT2 029

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Quality Rank:
S = Near Mint Condition, No signs of aging, staining, or wear.
A = A very small amount of staining or aging can be seen.
B = Signs of use and a couple small stains or many tiny stains (such as dots from aging).
C = Stains are easy to spot, and may be large in size or contrast with the fabric.
D = A couple holes or large stains may be in the fabric. Significant signs of aging and use may also be seen.
E = Salvage only. Best used for wall decoration, informal events, or upcycling.


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