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This vintage silk juban appears to have hills with grass and flowers made using the traditional shibori dying process (Japanese tie dye). There are some parts where the threading from the dying process is still in the fabric, showing how little this has been used.

This one is meant to be used with a furisode, as the sleeves are fairly long.

A juban is underwear to be worn underneath a kimono, in order to protect the kimono from the wearer.

Width: 126cm
Length: 126cm
Sleeves (top to bottom): 63cm
Armpit to Armpit (back): 60cm


Fabric Quality:
A - A few very small stains can be seen along with a large one on the front, near the right armpit. There are also some specks (on the right side (when worn) straight down from the right armpit.

Dry clean only!

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Quality Rank:
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A = A very small amount of staining or aging can be seen.
B = Signs of use and a couple small stains or many tiny stains (such as dots from aging).
C = Stains are easy to spot, and may be large in size or contrast with the fabric.
D = A couple holes or large stains may be in the fabric. Significant signs of aging and use may also be seen.
E = Salvage only. Best used for wall decoration, informal events, or upcycling.

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