Almost all kimonos, haoris, and fabric bolts are dry clean only. Some polyester and cotton products may be hand washed, but that depends on how they were dyed. Make sure to never wash the item with a machine washer. Please read the description to see instructions.  

If the product needs to be dry cleaned, please make sure you find a dry cleaner that has experience with vintage silk clothing, and hopefully has experience with kimonos.

If you would like to have your kimono cleaned in Kyoto, please contact us about having a professional kimono cleaner here launder the kimono. This will likely cost 1-5x the price of the kimono.

Professional kimono cleaners in Japan usually use these techniques:

1. Spot cleaning with specific chemicals that won't damage the fabric;

2. Destitch and clean the entire kimono in a liquid formula (mostly water) that will clean many use stains;

3. Paint over existing stains (usually used when options 1 and 2 cannot be done);

4. Technique #2, but then dye the fabric once again to obtain the previous coloration (dyes oftentimes bleed heavily when coming into contact with water, so redyeing the fabric is required).

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**Updated on April 20th, 2021**