**Due to new regulations, we are suspending this offer for the EU. Please enquire if you are still interested in this.**

If you live in certain countries or regions, you can pay for your items through bank transfer in your local currency and save 3-5% over the price listed in your currency, as well as get 2% bank transfer discount. So, you'll have an immediate 5-7% savings from the prices listed on our website.

Your deposit will be made into a local bank account, so there won't be any foreign transfer fees.

This shop is powered by Etsy, which charges a 3-5%  currency exchange fee on all currencies other than USD, so we have created this workaround to save you money.

Here is the process:

1. Send us a message with the items you'd like to purchase and your currency.

2. We will reserve the items for you and will send an invoice along with our Wise (formerly Transferwise) bank account information.

3. We will then send the products to you and give you tracking information.

This offer is available in these currencies:

Australian Dollar

British Pounds


Hungarian Forint

New Zealand Dollar

Singapore Dollar

In case you would like a refund, we can make a bank transfer to your account through Wise (formerly Transferwise). Return shipping and restocking fees may apply.

You can verify our bank acount details with this page:



Q1. Will I have to pay any fees to send my payment to a foreign bank account?

A1. You will not be sending the payment to a foreign bank account, so you will not have to pay any fees.

If you are in the UK, you will send your payment to a bank account in the UK. If you are in the EU, you will send your payment to a bank account in Belgium. Australia to Australia, New Zealand to New Zealand, etc.

Q2. What if the item I want to purchase sells before this process is complete?

A2. Once we've received your request, we will remove the item from sale on other online shops and will mark it as reserved on this site. If someone purchases it here after the item is marked as reserved, we will cancel their order and send the item to you.

Q3. How can I contact you about placing an order?

A3. You can send us a message through our contact form or via e-mail.

Contact form: https://kimono-yumeya.com/contact-us

E-mail: shop *at* kimono-yumeya *dot* com

Q4. Will this offer be available in more countries?

A4. Wise (formerly Transferwise) is continuing to open up more business bank accounts in more countries, so we expect that this offer will be available in many more countries in the future. Please check this page to see if your country has been added to the list.

Q5. Will I pay import taxes to you or when the order arrives in my country?

A5. We will collect import taxes for specific countries (UK, Australia), but most don't offer a way for us to collect and remit these taxes. Collecting import taxes (VAT, GST) at the point of sale makes the process much easier for you and usually results in lower fees due to not having a per-package processing fee.

Q6. Will you register with the EU to pay VAT?

A6. The IOSS registration and monthly fees are too expensive for us. Since we aren't registered as a business in the EU, we need to work with a company in the EU, and their fees are typically 100+ euros a month just to have access to filing taxes.

The only way to pay VAT at point of purchase is to order through our website.

**Updated on August 5th, 2021**