Japan Post Airmail Estimates *as of May 10th, 2021*

Here are delivery estimates using real data from packages we shipped since April 2020:  

Austria: 2-3 Weeks Belgium: 2-3 Weeks Denmark: 3 Weeks Estonia: 3 Weeks Finland: 1-2 Weeks France: 1-2 Weeks Germany: 2-3 Weeks Ireland: ~2 Months Italy: 3-4 Weeks Korea: 1-2 Weeks Mexico: 5-6 Weeks Netherlands: 2-4 Weeks Poland: 2-5 Weeks Spain: 3-5 Weeks Sweden: 4-5 Weeks Switzerland: 1-2 Weeks UK: 5-10 Days

As things are constantly changing, these times cannot be guaranteed.  They are only representative of real data we have observed and actual  delivery times may vary drastically.  


Latest COVID-19 Shipping Information

Shipping is delayed or restricted for many countries. See if shipping is restricted to your country here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html  

While delivery estimates are taking a lot longer than usual, most airmail packages are delivered within one month.  

Shipping difficulties will almost certainly stretch into 2022, though  things appear to slowly be getting better. As various events happen and  things change, all of this information will certainly change.


Shipping Availability - Europe and North America

Japan  Post has opened up airmail to many European countries, but we are  listing all as having a ~2-month delivery estimate unless if we see  multiple packages delivered in a timely manner. It takes 2-5 weeks for  airmail packages to arrive in most countries.  

All purchases will use Japan Post Airmail if that's available, but will default to being sent via cargo ship if it isn't.  

We are accepting orders that will be shipped via cargo ship for specific  countries. Packages will take 2-3 months to be delivered: Georgia, Czech Republic, Russia, etc.  

We are shipping all U.S. orders in bulk and then have them forwarded to each customer through USPS. This takes 3-5 weeks.  

Expedited shipping as well as tracking is unavailable for Canada.