Due to legislation, VAT/GST/Sales Tax will be collected when purchasing on all orders to the European Union, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Most states in the US also require tax to be collected at time of purchase.

All of these fees are automatically calculated, collected, and remitted by Etsy, which is the e-commerce host for this shop. You will not pay any additional fees when the package arrives (except for a few countries, like Belgium).

The benefit of this system is that packages no longer will be held up in Customs and almost all extra per-package processing fees will be eliminated.

The value listed on this site typically doesn't include VAT/GST. "GST Included (when applicable)" and other similar phrasing is an error caused by Etsy's system. This website is hosted on Etsy's platform, so we can't do anything about this error.

We suggest that customers in the EU, UK, Norway, and Australia all place each order under the respective tax collection limit. To save on shipping expenses, each package we ship is under 2kg. So, there are already few times that we can ship more than the tax limit to these customers.

By placing your order under the limit, you will pay tax now and won't have to pay additional Customs fees when your packages arrive.

Order Limit to be Taxed:

EU:  €150

UK:  £135

AUS:  $1,000

Norway: 3,000 NOK 

Orders over these amounts will incur additional Customs processing fees and duty fees.