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Frequently Asked Questions | Kimono Dream Shop

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: Most of our products are shipped from Japan, but we have some in stock in the U.S. Products in Japan can be shipped globally (with some restrictions), but products in the U.S. can currently only be shipped within the U.S.

Q: Are there any restrictions on shipping to certain countries?

A: Yamato Transport only ships to businesses in these countries: 
If you order from one of these countries, we can either only ship through Japan Post or to a business.

Q: Are there any requirements to ship from Japan?

A: Yamato Transport requires a phone number for each order. If you do not supply us with a phone number, we cannot ship your order. If you didn't submit your phone number when placing your order, please contact us ASAP with your phone number and order number.

Q: Will there be import duties and taxes on the packages?

A: There aren't any import fees levied on packages to the U.S. and a few other countries, but there almost certainly will be import duties and taxes for all countries in Europe, some in Asia, and some in Africa. 
Packages shipped through Yamato Transport will usually be delivered through UPS, and the UPS usually has mandatory import fees on each package they deliver in countries that have import duties. We are working on figuring out how to ensure packages aren't overtaxed or aren't taxed when they are well below the taxation thresholds.

Q: Is there any way I can avoid import duties?

A: The best way to avoid this is by purchasing inexpensive products and shipping through Japan Post. For most countries, it will take 2-3 months to deliver through Japan Post, but some countries, like the United Kingdom or The Netherlands, it will take a week or two.
If you would like to ship through Japan Post and accept the increased delivery time, please contact us so we can prepare the package. Shipping will be cheaper through Japan Post.
We are working on an automatic, complex shipping method to best serve our customers. 

Q: Can you mark a package as a gift in order to avoid import duties?

A: Marking a package that is not a gift from Hanami Clothing (which operated Kimono Dream Shop) to you is a violation of various laws. We try not to break laws, so we are unable to fraudulently mark orders as gifts.

Q: Is there any way to lower the shipping costs?

A: Shipping through Japan Post is cheaper, but it depends on the shipping method and which products are being sent. This will also usually take 2-3 months for delivery. Some countries, like Canada and France, may take 1-2 months for delivery even using Japan Post airmail. (It usually takes 1-3 weeks for delivery.)

Q: Will shipping always be handled in this way?

A: Up until COVID-19 caused shipping disruptions, we almost exclusively used Japan Post for packages. Once the disruptions are over and we can trust Japan Post again (which will be at least a few months after Japan Post re-opens shipping to all routes), we will start to offer Japan Post as an option.

Q: Can I return or exchange this product I bought?

A: We accept returns and exchanges on all items within 14 days of delivery, but there are some restrictions.
1. If the product is defective and doesn't match our descriptions, we will pay for shipping.
2. If the product matches our descriptions, then you will be responsible for return shipping as well as a 20% restocking fee.
3. In order to help lower the shipping fees, we may have you send the product to an associate we have in your region instead of back to us in Japan.

Q: I am ordering this as a gift for someone else. Can you leave out the price details on the package?

A: In order to slightly decrease our resource usage, we don't include receipts inside our packages. With our current shipping methods, we need to list the prices of each item on the package. With UPS, we are possibly able to keep these details hidden. We are looking into shipping directly through UPS, but we don't have an estimate as to if or when we can do this.

Q: I am looking into buying a lot of kimonos. Can you sell them in bulk?

We are happy to sell to you in bulk. We can offer products that aren't currently available on this site. Buying large amounts of kimonos also decreases shipping fees, so you can save more by buying more.

Q: Can I reuse the plastic bag the products are in?

A: We purposefully use plastic zipper bags when shipping all of our products in order for you to be able to reuse them. We are working on using biodegradable packaging when possible, but the best thing to do with everything is to reuse them if you can. We are currently looking for biodegradable alternatives to these plastic bags, but please give new life to these instead of throwing them away after receiving your products.
If you would like to use them for food, please wash the inside first.