Do you own a small business looking to collect and remit VAT to the EU and UK and not spend large amounts of money just to register and file for IOSS?

This blog post is for any other foreign businesses looking to sell into the EU and UK, but don't have the size to work with a standard intermediary in the EU, which usually entails spending thousands of euros to get registered and then a hundred euros per country per monthly VAT registration.

Why register to collect import VAT for the EU and UK?
Because your customers will receive packages quickly, without having to pay additional import duties and processing fees (Belgium charges a fee on all international packages, though). Customers receive packages much earlier and overall fees are lower. With most of our orders, the processing fee is actually higher than VAT.

We have been using EAS Project Oy (based in Finland) for a few months and haven't had any issues with their service. EAS Project is a new company that acts as an intermediary for the EU and UK import tax system, but the fees are on a per-order basis.

After searching for an inexpensive alternative almost a year, we were glad to see EAS, which has plugins on Shopify, Magento, and  WooCommerce. Everything goes smoothly and is automatically reported in their system, so there's nothing else for us to do other than pay EAS the taxes we collected each month, which they then send to each respective government.

Visit EAS Project's website and request a meeting:

Anyone can register with the UK, but it's a hassle just to find out how to register and takes 1-2 months to get processed. Instead of finalizing our registration with the UK, we decided to just use EAS's new UK option to skip the months of waiting. One simple message to EAS and they updated our Shopify account to collect VAT in the UK in hours.

Kimono Dream Shop is operated by Hanami Clothing, which is registered to collect taxes in Norway, Australia, and Minnesota, USA. Registering in Norway and Australia is quite simple, but EAS was the only way we could feasibly register in the European Union.

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