All orders made through this website will be sent through Yamato Transport, with a few exceptions. We previously exclusively shipped through Japan Post, but due to difficulties with their service, we are no longer using them.

There are no shipping difficulties through Japan Post to The Netherlands, so we will continue to ship to The Netherlands through Japan Post.

Specific countries, like Mexico, Canada, India, The Philippines, and Saudi Arabia, only allow packages to be shipped to companies. If you are unable to provide us with a business name and address to use, we will ship using Japan Post.

Phone numbers are required for all orders through Yamato Transport. We are unable to send packages without a phone number, so please make sure you supply this to us when placing your order.

Yamato Transport bases their shipping rates mainly on size of the package. The rates are $26 (1-3 products), $47 (1-5 products), $87 (6-15 products), etc. You will save money by purchasing multiple products. Large kimonos, furisodes, and tomesodes usually fit snugly in the $26 box, but sometimes require the $47 box. Many kimonos are small enough to fit 2 in a box, and many juban and haori can fit 3 in one box.

For the United States, we have started domestic shipping. We are placing products on the store that are available on consignment while they are in transit to Minnesota. When these arrive in Minnesota, they will be shipped out through the United States Postal Service's Priority Mail service.

Products that are already in the U.S. only ship to the U.S. and its territories. The listed price includes shipping, so there are no additional shipping fees.

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