Shipping & Returns

Below are some common questions about shipping, returns, and exchanges

We can ship to almost every country in the world, but the price and carrier depends on the country.

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This is not a full list, so please contact us if you don't see your country listed.

Most countries in Asia, Oceania, North & Central America, Europe, and the Middle East will receive free shipping on items over US$45.

Heavier (350+g), lower-priced items don't have shipping included. The cost of shipping is calculated based on your country and the size/weight of the package. Ordering multiple items will save on the overall shipping cost per item.

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USA: Orders with standard delivery are now being sent through Japan Post and usually take 2-4 weeks. Orders are sometimes upgraded to express shipping for free. Orders with express shipping are usually delivered one week after shipment.

Europe: Orders are usually delivered within 1-3 weeks. Please find actual delivery data from previous orders on our table: Shipping Info

Australia: Orders are usually delivered within 2-3 weeks.

Canada: Tracking is unavailable due to Canada Post regulations, but usually take 2-6 weeks for delivery. UPS is unavailable.

Asia: Orders are usually delivered within 1-2 weeks.

Africa & Middle East: Shipping varies greatly by country, so it'll range from 1-8 weeks.

Central & South America: Shipping varies greatly by country, so it'll range from 1-8 weeks.

All shipments include tracking.

Depending on how you placed your order (phone number or e-mail address), you might not receive the tracking number directly.

You will either receive the tracking number and a link to track it directly or will have to go to your order page on this website to see the tracking info. (You can also go to this page by clicking on the ink in
your order confirmation e-mail.)

Tracking Delay with UPS:

We don't ship directly with UPS, as we use Yamato as an intermediary shipping company. Yamato receives each package, transports it Narita Airport near Tokyo, and then hands the package over to UPS.

Due to this, there's a delay in tracking in UPS' system. UPS usually won't scan in each package until it has been prepared to be placed onto an airplane.

The time between shipment and first being updated in UPS' system depends on the country, but it usually is only a few days.

Don't worry. If you've received the tracking information, it means that your package is on the way.

Signature Confirmation:

If your order is shipped through Japan Post, a signature will be required for delivery. Japan Post doesn't allow only tracking to be added, so there's no way around this.

Please be prepared to set up a time for the package to be delivered or to pick it up at your local post office.

If your order is shipped through UPS, signature confirmation will not be required.

Please, please, please sign up for UPS My Choice if your order uses UPS for delivery.

There is no way for us to stop this, but UPS is strangely fond of changing the delivery address without attempting to verify this information with the recipient.

If you sign up for UPS My Choice, you can check the boxes to be notified if there's a change of delivery address attempt.
You can then contact UPS to request that the change be reversed so that the package is not delivered to the wrong address.

We offer returns & exchanges on all of our items, but there may be large fees depending on the reason behind the return or exchange.

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In general, returns and exchanges are accepted on any item that's not in the Lower-Priced Items list.
If the return or exchange is not due to any errors made by us, you will be required to pay a 30% restocking fee or the shipping fee (whichever is higher). The shipping fee is typically US$20-30.

If an item has significantly more staining than stated in the description (such as being Quality Rank C instead of Rank B) or if the sizing is significantly incorrect (+/- 3cm/1"), then returns and exchanges will be free. We will need to verify the item before providing the return or exchange.

For customers in Europe, we will provide an address in the EU or UK for you to send the product to. For customers in the Americas, please ship the product to our US address. For customers in Asia, please use our Japanese address.

There may be the case where returning the overall cost of shipping will be more expensive than the item itself, so please keep this in mind when you want to return an item. We will try to find the best option for you, but please keep in mind that international shipping may be prohibitively expensive.

We provide tracking information with every order when possible.

Please review your account and e-mails to find the tracking number and link.

Most orders arrive within 1-5 weeks, though there may be times where difficulties prevent them from being delivered in a timely manner.

Feel free to contact us if an item has not yet arrived.

Our system is set up to provide shipping discounts on orders of at least three items above US$45 (that are not in the Lower-Priced Items list).

Pieces in the Lower-Prices Items list have the cost of shipping and handling separated from the listed price, so you can save on shipping by ordering a bunch of items instead of just one.


Below are some of are common questions about orders

We collect taxes (sales tax, GST, VAT) in the EU, in Minnesota, and in Australia.

We are working on expanding the coverage of tax collection to ensure the best delivery process for our customers and to follow local tax regulations.

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Customers in many countries must pay additional taxes and fees on packages that don't have taxes prepaid, so it's important to us to collect taxes at time of purchase.

All of these taxes will be reported to the local tax agencies in accordance with local laws.

Marking a commercial package as a gift is a violation of various laws. We try not to break laws, so we are unable to fraudulently mark orders as gifts.

If you place an order above the taxation threshold in your country, you won't pay taxes on our end, but you will be responsible for taxes once the package arrives in your country.

Click on this sentence to learn more about import duties and tax collection.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our tax collection or what the process will be for you.

We are able to change the shipping address to the billing address for repeat customers, but, for the concern of safety of the cardholder, we need to cancel and refund the order and then have you place it again if the address in all other circumstances.

We're required to put the value of the items on the outside of the package, but the values are not included in the packing slip included in each package.

New international tax collection policies require us to collect and remit taxes to various countries (Norway, Australia, EU countries, UK, etc.) on orders that are lower than certain thresholds. If you purchase a gift above these amounts (or if the country requires a processing fee to be collected on all inbound packages), your friend will have to pay fees in order to receive the package.

Please keep this in mind when ordering a gift for someone else.

We only accept PayPal upon request.

PayPal publicly denies the existence of its expensive currency conversion fees and requires currency conversion fees and transaction processing fees to be paid when receiving and when refunding all orders. Almost all other payment processors, such as Square, allow refunds without any extra fees.

We would rather not feed The Beast and instead provide a much better, less expensive, and easier shopping experience for customers.

If PayPal decides to join the rest of the payment processing world, we will use their services again.

Currently, our shop is only set up to receive payment via credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and similar money transfer services (depending on each country).

Cleaning & Sizing

Most silk kimonos can't be washed through normal methods

...and require professionals to clean them. It's common for kimonos to gradually become stained over the years while continuing to be worn, without ever being washed.

Sometimes silk and/or wool kimonos can be washed (usually only by specialists), but oftentimes the "cleaning"
method is to simply re-dye the entire piece or paint over stains with flowers.

In traditional Japanese culture...

families would keep kimonos for decades, and sometimes for over 100 years. Certain items, like yukatas or jubans, are made with the understanding that they'll become damaged fairly quickly, so these usually don't last as long.

Due to the amount of labor and artistry put into each kimono, discarding a kimono if it becomes stained is seen as
disrespectful to the original creators.

It is sad, though, that many kimonos are left in poor storage conditions for decades, becoming stained or moldy.

While we try to immediately discard any items we find with mold, we hope that pieces that have stains can still find loving homes overseas.

The traditional process of cleaning a kimono to take it completely apart, clean it, and then sew it back together.
This is a very expensive and labor-intensive process, so most people (traditionally and in modern times) wear kimonos that have stains. If it gets to a certain level, the kimonos would be cleaned, wouldn't be worn in public, or would be remade into something else if possible. Other pieces of clothing, toys, accessories, home decor, etc. Japan has a long history of re-using kimono fabric.

On that note, many of our customers upcycle our products into new clothing, accessories, and home
decor. We are working on selling boxes of stained kimonos at a discount so these can be cut apart and made into new items.

We have seen Westerners with no exposure to Japanese culture or history complain about cultural appropriation when upcycling kimonos into new products, but you can search for things like "kimono rimeiku" in Japanese (着物 リメイク) to find inspiration from the multitude of Japanese artisans upcycling kimonos into everything imagineable.

Nowadays, many kimonos, including silk ones, are made with the goal of being able to be hand washed.

The vast majority of our products cannot be hand washed, but ones made in the 1990s or later have a higher chance of being able to be washed. Some older kimonos can be hand washed, but fabric protectant and other additives and dyes will likely wash off, leaving the kimono looking dull.

We suggest to only hand wash kimonos if you know what you're doing.

In this case, feel free to order items from our Lower-Priced Items list to practice cleaning. We would be grateful if you could clean these and offer them a new life.

In general, kimonos and other items must be cleaned by specialists.

Click here to learn more about caring for kimonos.

Most silk kimonos are dry clean only. Most polyester and cotton kimonos can be hand washed in cold water with delicate soap.

Never wash a kimono in a washing machine, as the threading will likely be heavily damaged, the fabric itself may rip apart, and the dye/paint/ink may bleed or be completely destroyed.

We suggest that you hang each item out on a dry day once or twice a year in order to get rid of smells, oils, etc. (Sunlight breaks apart oils and the dry air removes moisture from the kimonos, preventing age staining due to moisture.)

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Other Questions

This website is hosted on Shopify, which safely secures your personal information. We do not sell or provide your information to any marketing agencies and do not use your information for anything other than fulfilling your orders and providing product recommendations upon request.

Your information will be provided to shipping carriers, and they may reach out via e-mail or phone calls/texts in the delivery process.

Some information may be provided with partners in order to comply with tax collection (sales tax, VAT, GST), though these partners do not use your data for anything other than preparing tax remittance information.

We will remove your information from the site upon request. Please use the Contact page to request an account deletion. (We may not be able to provide customer support on items after your account information as been deleted.)

We do not manufacture any kimonos, obis, etc., as we only sell items that have already been manufactured. Almost all of our items are vintage, and most new items made in Japan are multitudes more expensive than the prices we offer.

If you want a specific style, pattern, color, size, etc., please contact us and we'll see what we can find.

We are looking at selling new items, with a focus on plus sizes, though we currently suggest looking for a specialty shop in Japan that offers plus sized kimonos.

If/when we start offering plus sized items, our selection will likely be much smaller than a company that manufactures them, since our online kimono shop is fairly small, and purchasing new kimonos for resale is currently prohibitively expensive.

Some of our products can be worn formally by plus sized individuals, though it may be difficult to find something that is larger than an XXL in US/EUR size.

Since we sell vintage items, these are usually for shorter and skinnier people, but we hope you can find something that will work for you.

We use plastic zipper bags with the hopes that you will reuse them.
We use biodegradable packaging when possible, but the the plastic zipper bags each product is in ensure that the products are kept safe during the our storage process and when being shipped to you.

We suggest that you reuse these when storing your kimonos or for other means.

If you would like to use them for food, please wash the inside first.

We try to use paper-based mailers and boxes, but around 3-5% of the time we will use plastics to decrease on shipping fees.

UPS requires us to use cardboard boxes with all shipments, so we're unable to decrease the amount of waste when using their service.

In order to prevent damage during shipping, all products are sent within plastic zipper bags, which we suggest that you reuse.

We're registered for VerpackG in Germany. To our customers in Germany: Please recycle these in accordance with local laws.

Please recycle the shipping materials when possible.

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