On October 1st, 2023, Japan Post will end the inexpensive ePacket service and increase the cost of the airmail parcel service. For customers outside the U.S., please order your kimonos now to receive discounted rates.

While Japan Post hasn't accepted ePacket or standard airmail parcels destined for the U.S., most of our packages across the world are sent through Japan Post.

In general, there will be a 20-30% increase in shipping fees, and we must once again increase our prices to cover this amount.

Around this time, we will switch back to shipping based on the actual weight of each item instead of having shipping included. Excluding the shipping increase, the cost of each item will remain relatively unchanged. We will need to update each individual item, so there may be difficulty in ordering multiple items that aren't in the same shipping service on the back end.

After we update prices, you can find the shipping fees by calculating them in the cart. Select your country and enter your zip/postal code to receive the updated information.

After the weight of one order reaches 2kg, customers in the EU, UK, Norway, and Australia will only see Yamato/UPS as an option. It will oftentimes be cheaper to split one order into multiple orders, especially if the package weight ends up being less than 2kg. So, it is sometimes best for you if you place multiple orders instead of just one.

At your request, we can pre-package items and create draft orders for you to purchase.

We will update our shipping information with exact information in the future.

**Our prices on our Etsy shop will continue to include free shipping, but the real price difference (including shipping) will become noticeably higher on Etsy later this year. The best prices will always be offered on this website.**

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